Motocross? Scrambling? It’s all the same on a dirt bike…

Playing in the dirt on a dirt bike

The phrase dirt bike if fairly modern, back in the day, motocross used to be called scrambling ( showing my age now ) so for the sake of this post we will use the modern name.

Motocross takes on two forms. The first, traditionally held oudirt biketdoors is on a closed circuit of about 1-3 kilometres in length over rough ground. Riders are invited to ride the dirt bike over a series of obstacles ie. deep ruts, uphill, downhill, left and right corners, undulating straights and so on.

A motocross meeting can have different classes to accomodate riders of all abilities and skill levels and usually comprises of one practice session, so as to familiarize your self with the terrain, and then 2-3 races per class during the day.

Dirt bike racing objective

The simple object of the meeting is to line up with about 30-40 other riders in front of a mechanical gate that is controlled by the start marshall and then go hell for leather when the gate drops, ride as fast as you can and be first over the finish line after a predetermined time. Points are awarded to riders based on their finishing position and then totaled up after all the races to give an overall total for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. An interesting point being, lets say arider who has 3 second places, and another rider, say, 2 wins and a forth place, the first rider could be the overall winner.

The other form of motocross is indoor arena supercross which condenses the course into a stadium environment, so, the jumps and whoops come to the dirt bike rider a whole lot quicker but dirt bikethe end result is the same as the outdoor variety. The good thing about supercross is from the standpoint that the public can watch ALL of the course whereas outdoors spectators can only see parts of the track.

Alternativly, you can use your dirt bike for similar eventsIn recent years a new type of race has emerged, It’s called a Beach Race. The rules are the same as the Hare “n” Hounds event (see enduro) but are held at the seaside. Huge mechanical diggers are brought in to heap up the sand into steep dunes whilst leaving a large hole in it’s wake, the best bit after the rigours of the holes, dunes and ziggy-zaggy bits is the blast back down the beach at 100 mph to start all over again. The winner, the rider that does the most laps in the alloted time.

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