Your Never Too Old To Renew Your Love With A Dirt Bike.

25 Years on from my last dirt bike…dirt bike 2013

About 25 years ago I decided that perhaps I would call it a day with regards to riding a dirt bike. I went off and tried some other stuff, like golf, for example. People that I knew would wax lyrical about how great it was, so I got equipped with clubs, shoes, golf balls and ton of other stuff and off I went. To start with, it was ok and I even managed to get a handicap of 20, but there was something lacking, there wasn’t the buzz you get from riding a bike on the dirt.

Next up was an introduction to flying. A pal of mine had a microlight aircraft on a private airstrip. He asked if I would like to have a go, well, you have to try everything at least once. I fell in love with flying instantly and set about training for my pilot’s licence which I achieved at the ripe young age of sixty. In the fullness of time I owned my own aircraft, but after falling out of the sky, the enthusiasm for flying sort of waned a bit.

What Now? Another Dirt Bike?

I was at work one Monday morning when I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to have a bike again. I thought “Blimey! Where did that come from” Have you ever had an itch that you can’t reach? Well clearly owning another motorcycle would ease the itch.

I began in ernest looking for something that would fit the bill and ended up with a Honda 600cc Transalp, a great bike for whizzing off for an hour or two. But still that itch! Then a pal of mine offered me a ride as a travelling marshall at a local motoduro on his Honda XR400 enduro bike which I jumped at.

I had the time of my life. I had forgotten just how much fun was to be had racing around on a dirt bike. Unfortunately, five minutes before the end of the event I managed to break my ankle, so ended the day in A&E. Still undeterred, I had finally got rid of the itch by buying a used Sherco trials bike which I have been using to ride in local time trials with my old North Somerset Motor Sports club whilst renewing my  acquaintance with guys that I hadn’t seen for decades.

In conclusion. Still in dirt bike heaven!

I’m a bit slower than I used to be and the skills are a bit rusty but the desire is still there. I’ve been running a couple of laps short of the winners but managed to end up only one lap short the last time out. The goal this year is to match the lads lap for lap, we will have to dirt bike Sept '14wait and see how that works out.

The biggest problem I have now, is having a thirty year old head locked onto a sixty something year old body…

But, as long as I can still ride a dirt bike, I will remain a happy bunny.

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  1. alex berry says:

    Plenty of life left in the old dog yet! Haven’t seen these posts for a while, but now they’ve come full circle. From living in the past and reminiscing to living in the present. Can’t predict the future, but I’m figuring the itch will still be there being scratched, every few weeks.

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